Business Tourism Receptive Program

The globalization of the economy, the technological development and the consequent improvement of the means of transport and communication, among other factors, facilitated and stimulated the world tourist movement and, in particular, the displacements in order to know, exchange information, promote and generate business. It is this configured the segment of the tourism offer called business tourism & events.
As regards the area of events, the achievement of references in technological and scientific development, professionalization and the structures of the sector are some of the factors for the growth of the segment. these factors are associated with leisure options related to the diversity of natural and cultural resources. this development can be exemplified with the growth of the fair sector, an excellent tool in the commercialization of products. the largest and most significant trade fairs in south america are based in brazil, especially those related to the products in which the country has leadership. (source: businesses & events: basic guidelines 2nd edition – ministry of tourism – 2010).

Guia de Turismo de Negócios: Business Tourism Guid

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